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Car Alarms - A quick blurb

Car Alarms – A quick blurb

Don’t leave your car keys behind. But don’t forget to turn on the car alarm too. You want to get back to your beloved car after a night of partying or from work, that’s for sure. Today’s car alarm has gone from low tech to high tech. A car alarm can be set to be silent, on […]

Why You Should Use A Car Cover To Protect Your Vehicle

Why You Should Use A Car Cover To Protect Your Vehicle

It is common knowledge that other than a person’s house, their car is their biggest investment. This is true for people with economy cars and luxury cars alike. Then there are people that collect cars or for one reason or another have multiple vehicles. These people too have a significant amount of money invested in […]

How to Install a Back up Camera in the Car?

How to Install a Back up Camera in the Car?

Owning a car needs the fulfillment of one of the most important needs and that’s for sure, is safety. If this need is not implemented, many serious accidents can be and have been caused. When you car has left the driveway, it’s time that you need to get cautious while driving. Who knows where children […]

How to Install a Car Alarm?

It is quite natural to get worked up with the idea of getting your car robbed, or being stranded in the middle of nowhere, waiting for help. By simply installing a car alarm to your vehicle would make life easier for you, and ensure you the peace of mind you wanted. Follow certain steps and […]

MyKey - Ford announces Car Limiting Keys

MyKey – Ford announces Car Limiting Keys

Ford has just announced a new technology that’ll introduce in the 2010 Ford Coupe, and will quickly spread over all its models. MyKey. MyKey will allow 4 different things according to the parental programming. Limit the top speed of the vehicle to 80 mph (chime alerts will be launched at 45, 55 and 65 mph) […]

Car Cameras

Car Cameras

Digital cameras have not only revolutionized the way we take pictures of our friends and family, but also many of the ways we drive. Digital cameras have increased in use exponentially in the last decade. First digital cameras became popular as webcams, then on mobile phones and now as a standard feature in many types […]

Car Security Systems

While many vehicles offer security accessories, for those that want full protection against theft or damage to their vehicle, cargo and the passengers they carry a comprehensive car security system is usually a good idea and purchase. Car security systems include a variety of features and while each system can be different, many include the […]

Car Security

Your car is probably the second biggest purchase of your life (besides your home) and while many vehicles are insured against fire, theft and collision, no one wants to go through the hassle of having their beloved vehicle damaged in any way. For those that love their cars, prevention is usually the best deterrent against […]