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Driving in the rain

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Whether you drive a high performance sports car or a passenger vehicle, driving in the rain can be dangerous to say the least.  Since the rain makes the roads more slippery, your car can be put to the limits on how it handles and holds the road. Here are some tips on driving in the […]

Towing a Red Car

Towing Your Car the Safe Way

Every once in a while your vehicle will break down and you will be unable to drive it to the service station. And while vehicles today are far more reliable than they were just 20 years ago, it’s important to not do further damage to your vehicle when trying to get it to the service […]

Man driving on cell phone and eating at the same time

The Best Ways to Communicate While Driving

If you drive a lot, whether commuting back and forth to work or with your family on the weekends, one of the today’s dangers is not paying attention while driving and talking on your phone.  It’s a fact that many accidents occur when people are engaged in a conversation on their phone and not focusing […]

Large Car Accident

Seven Tips To Turn You Into A Better Defensive Driver

There are a number of things that go into being a good driver. It doesn’t matter if you are a driver with a great many years of experience or someone just learning the ropes, there are always new lessons that can be learned and new tools that you can use to improve your skills on […]

Formula 1 Accident

Racing Hazards: Formula 1 Dangers and Its Preventive Measures

It is not hard to see why Formula One racing can be considered as a dangerous sport. Speeding for over 100 miles per hour throughout the race is an obvious reason. Aside from this, the car design also contributes to the fatalistic possibilities of the said event. Formula One racecars have an open cockpit, which […]


9 Safety Tips For Pedestrians Of All Ages

At one time or another, almost every person in the world is classified as a pedestrian. Today’s fast paced world, with the increased emphasis on deadlines and a somewhat incredible amount of traffic in some locations, has made it sometimes unsafe for pedestrians. While most people take it for granted that they can safely walk […]

Road Rage

What Causes Road Rage? Can It Be Controlled?

Many people comment that drivers today are far more aggressive than they were even just a decade ago. Often these drivers are not only driving in a dangerous way, but also in a threatening manner. The term most used when describing overly aggressive drivers like this is called “road rage”. The fact that road rage […]

Car Backup Camera Set

How to Install a Back up Camera in the Car?

Owning a car needs the fulfillment of one of the most important needs and that’s for sure, is safety. If this need is not implemented, many serious accidents can be and have been caused. When you car has left the driveway, it’s time that you need to get cautious while driving. Who knows where children […]

Keep Left

How to Drive in the UK?

The context completely curtails the minute yet important details that should be followed, while you are driving in a place within UK. Most of the rules that are mentioned would help you to drive safely and prevent violation of any particular driving law in the territory causing you to face trouble. In the days of […]

Ford MyKey

MyKey – Ford announces Car Limiting Keys

Ford has just announced a new technology that’ll introduce in the 2010 Ford Coupe, and will quickly spread over all its models. MyKey. MyKey will allow 4 different things according to the parental programming. Limit the top speed of the vehicle to 80 mph (chime alerts will be launched at 45, 55 and 65 mph) […]