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Saturn was created in 1985 as a response to the success of the Japanese automakers in the United States market, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, and later on became the replacement for Oldsmobile after Oldsmobile was discontinued and scrapped out of pure fiscal reasons. If anyone remembers or knows about the early […]


Founded by Jack Pickard and Trevor Wilkinson in 1947 TVR was at first named Trevcar Motors, and later was renamed. One of the first manufacturers to used a reinforced by glass plastic based frame body over a tube styled steel internal framework TVR proved to be a sporty car. By the latter end of the […]


Founded in 1992 Ultima Sports is a sports automobile manufacturer which builds cars in England. It was founded by ted Marlow and has been slowly building up its reputation with two models of vehicles. Right now the two offered are the GTR and the Can-Am; however they have mostly been sold as unassembled kits. The […]


Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda in Japan, and today is one of the most successful car manufacturing companies in the world, along with being the second largest. Furthermore, as GM might be the largest, Toyota ranks above GM for net worth and also for its sales, with revenue that outpaces GM, along […]


Tatra manufacturing company takes its name from the mountains nearby and was founded in 1850 as a really long name that no one who speaks English and doesn’t know other languages would ever be able to pronounce. It began as a wagon and carriage manufacturer and later on produced a motor based vehicle, the first […]


Scion was founded in 2003 as a marque for Toyota and produces several economy cars. The Scion car marque was something that was spawned out of Toyota’s failed “Project Genesis” which was an effort and project to attempt to bring in new and also younger buyers so that they would, well, buy more Toyota stuff […]

Rolls-Royce Motors

Here comes probably the most complicated business acquisition ever. Rolls Royce Motors was founded and created out of the ashes of the old Rolls Royce car manufacturer, which had been split into a jet engine manufacturing company, and the latter Rolls Royce was acquired by Vickers. However in 1998 Vickers sold Rolls Royce and they […]


Saleen was founded in 1983, and remains today as the last small vehicle manufacturer in the United States to have its status as an OEM company intact, and is markedly not a “tuner” company, and is subject to all the same laws and guidelines as any of the big manufacturing firms. Saleen modifies existing vehicles […]


Roewe is one of the newest car companies today, rising from the ashes of the Rover assets that were originally going to go to the SAIC, but because Ford took the Rover name they were unable to keep is. Thus Roewe was born. The current Roewe cars in production are the Roewe 250 and 750. […]


RIP. That’s right, the mighty Rover has been slain – for now. At first the company was called the Starley and Sutton Company, and they made tricycles along with ‘ordinary’ bike (the bicycles with the giant front wheel and tinsy weensy back wheel) until 1888, when Starley made an electrified horseless carriage using all electric […]