MyKey – Ford announces Car Limiting Keys

Ford has just announced a new technology that’ll introduce in the 2010 Ford Coupe, and will quickly spread over all its models. MyKey.

Ford MyKey

MyKey will allow 4 different things according to the parental programming.

  1. Limit the top speed of the vehicle to 80 mph (chime alerts will be launched at 45, 55 and 65 mph)
  2. Limit the stereo volume to up to 44% of the max
  3. Set a sustaining (irritating) chime if the seatbelt isn’t properly fasten
  4. Avoid the disabling of traction control

Ford is targeting worried parents that lend cars to their kids, allowing them to sleep better and lend the car more times than they use now.

MyKey uses Ford self-technology (Securilock for example) and will be used more or less like a Big Brother.

Insurance companies will thank Ford for this… what do you think?

Check out Ford’s official MyKey Press Release.

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