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Nitrous Oxide Kit

Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably know all about nitrous oxide or at least seen it action in your favorite racing movie.  However, nitros oxide is not a Hollywood tall tale, it is a legitimate way and in many municipalities, still a legal way to boost the performance of your vehicle. What […]

Affordable Performance Modifications

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, but don’t have a large budget to modify your vehicle, you should know that there are plenty of options available- even with a small bankroll. While many companies make you think that in order to compete you need to spend a lot, the truth of the matter is […]

Custom Engine Car Parts

Customized Parts for Your Car

If you are a car tuning enthusiast that is looking to add some style, as well as performance to your vehicle, one way to do so is with customized parts for your car.  Today, there are plenty of ways to purchase customized parts for your vehicle. First off, the easiest way to do so is […]

Performance Tips for Your Car

If you are looking to get the most out of your vehicle, here are some performance tips that can help.  For many car tuning enthusiasts, squeezing even a little bit more of performance out of a vehicle is reason to smile and there are plenty of ways to do so. Well Maintained Equipment is Necessary […]

Deciding if You Should Change the Spark Plugs Yourself

Many newest cars have engine arrangement that makes access to spark plugs difficult. Improper plug changing procedures can ruin the wires of spark plug and the cylinder heads threads. Take the precautions below very seriously before choosing whether or not to proceed. Even if only one condition mentioned below matches your car (and they are […]

Babe Standing next to a Mustang Engine

9 tips to keep your engine running smoothly

Tending to your car will enable your car to travel longer down the road and will give you a sense of pride when you are fixing your car. Auto owners need to pay more attention to their cars so the junkyards and the streets don’t get cluttered up. The more cars we can keep on […]

Babe filling a Volkswagen (VW) Beetle gas deposit with Red Bull cans

More gas mileage without losing performance

With today’s world of gas prices spiking up to outrageous prices is it really any surprise that more and more car owners are searching for new ways to save money on gasoline. In an effort to get out from under a huge dependence on gasoline there are a great many car owners that are opting […]

Sexy Blonde Model showing next to a heavy modded car.

Do we need auto parts for tuning a car?

When car manufactures are in the process of designing new automobiles they have a certain number of specifications that they are required to meet in order to create a car suitable for driving. They need to consider budget issues, time frame goals and company standards that need to be upheld when they are creating a […]

Adding performance to you car with a chip

More equipment under the hood for your automobile can add up to some serious cash, countless hours and a sore back and hands. Thanks to the new machine tuning this is a thing of the past. If you have been watching the car tuning TV shows, you may remember how they spend the entire period […]

Muffler - Interior detail

Enhance Your Car with a New Muffler

One of the best ways to not only add some horsepower to your vehicle, but add a nice, rich, beefy sound as well is to install a new muffler.  Today, you can find a wide variety of muffler products for your car, no matter if it is an import or domestic vehicle.  In addition, for […]