How to Install a Car Alarm?

It is quite natural to get worked up with the idea of getting your car robbed, or being stranded in the middle of nowhere, waiting for help. By simply installing a car alarm to your vehicle would make life easier for you, and ensure you the peace of mind you wanted. Follow certain steps and you can do it yourself.


There are several reasons why you might be looking forward to get a car alarm system, attached to your vehicle, among which the most vital reason is that you are fed up of the burglars breaking into your vehicle and running off with it. The crime of car robbery has been going up until recently; thanks to the car alarm systems, it is under considerable check now. So why would you stay a step back? It is better to get one yourself and get it fixed onto your system, in no time at all. Instead of going through the hazards of bringing a professional to take care of the installation, it would be easier for you to take up the task.


You may feel that your knowledge regarding the installation of hardware is pretty limited, but be assured that there is always a first time for every thing that you do. So if you care to follow certain instructions it would be easier for you to cope with the situation, with these methods:

  • To go about the process, it is essential that you have a good study of your own vehicle first, starting from the wiring of your car. It would be much simpler to know about the proper wiring of your vehicle, through the wiring diagram, and then go ahead with the car alarm installation. The only reason for this is that, the diagram would allow you to assess the positioning of the components effectively.
  • There are certain things that you need to consider, when you are about to fit the alarm, which include the sorting of positions for the dash board light, reset switch, siren and the alarm itself. Having verified the positions you would be required to get yourself arranged with the requisite gadgets to carry out the installation on your own.
  • After having read the instruction manual that comes along with the alarm, it is necessary for you to do the wiring as effectively as possible, so that it is not visible from outside. If the alarm wiring were to be clearly noticed from outside, it would become easier for the burglar to slash it off and disengage the alarm with no problem at all.
  • It is also necessary to install the alarm module and the LED carefully enough, as they play a vital role in making the car alarm more efficient. Keeping a car alarm LED in a comparatively visible region, would enable it to flicker within the line of sight of the general mass.
  • Always take care to test whether the system is running properly, before you start reassembling the car, as it would save you the trouble of opening the system again, if any problem showed up.

Moreover, if you were considering placing a remote car alarm in your car, make sure to get the wires attached onto the vital locations of your car. The control module of the body, driver kick-panel and the ignition harness are some of the places that you should keep connection with. If things go well according to the methods mentioned, then there is no fear of having a burglary or distress in barren regions.

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