Car Security Systems

While many vehicles offer security accessories, for those that want full protection against theft or damage to their vehicle, cargo and the passengers they carry a comprehensive car security system is usually a good idea and purchase. Car security systems include a variety of features and while each system can be different, many include the following:

Door Sensor

A common type of alarm when a door is opened without a key or entering a special code.

Ignition Alarm

This alarm is used when a vehicle is started without the proper key or special computer chip/ password.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is perfect for owners that want to keep windows open or even keep their convertible tops down. This feature offers an alert when a robber invades a specific area of the vehicle.

Glass Breakage Sensor

Many times a car thief will try to break the window instead of opening up a door to break in a vehicle. With a glass breakage sensor, the noise generated from breaking glass will sound the alarm.

Driver’s Side Priority Unlock

This feature allows the owner to only open up the door to the driver’s side, stopping others from entering your vehicle from other doors.

GPS Tracking Device

One of the best ways that a vehicle can be tracked once stolen is with a GPS tracking device. In many cases, you can recover your stolen vehicle in only a few hours before lots of damage can be done to it. It should also be noted that some systems actually contact you via a cell phone or the internet when it is believed your car was broken into or stolen.

Detachable Face Radios

Since car radio theft is one of the most popular crimes involving vehicles, an excellent deterrent has been a detachable face radio. You can remove the radio’s face plate when exiting the car- this way giving thief’s a great deterrent not to break into your vehicle for its radio.

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