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The Price of Formula One Racing

Formula One racing is indeed a very costly sport that’s why corporate sponsorship has always been important in keeping a top-notch team. F1 racing budgets have been reported to range approximately from 66 million dollars up to 400 million dollars. These amounts seem to be quite right when considering the expenses necessary for design and […]

Racing Hazards: Formula 1 Dangers and Its Preventive Measures

It is not hard to see why Formula One racing can be considered as a dangerous sport. Speeding for over 100 miles per hour throughout the race is an obvious reason. Aside from this, the car design also contributes to the fatalistic possibilities of the said event. Formula One racecars have an open cockpit, which […]

The International Fame of Formula One Racing

Formula One racing continuously increases in popularity through the years. Its fans also range across different ages. From being a seemingly elitist exclusive sport for wealthy enthusiasts, it has become an international phenomenon, which also welcomes people from different backgrounds. Perhaps the main reason for its public appeal is the unique physical attributes of the […]

Formula 1 World Champion 2008 – Lewis Hamilton

Breaking News! After an impressive race, with loads of important moments (rain, pit stop issues, accidents, more rain, etc), Lewis Hamilton has won the Formula 1 championship 2008 against Felipe Massa (2 corners from the end). (Ferrari took the constructors title…again) Congratulations to the British driver for a very good season! Brazilian Grand Prix final […]

Race Flags – The Colors of F1 Racing

Race marshals can be seen at Formula One Races, each carrying 10 different colored flags with them. Originally, the purpose of these flags is to send messages to the drivers during the race. However, due to the high-speed driving displayed on the track, it would be difficult for the drivers to notice each flag and […]

Circuits and Tracks – A Look on Formula One Race Circuits

Early European Grand Prix racing gave birth to Formula One racing. European Grand Prix racing has always been held on public streets but in its evolved form, Formula One racing is now being held on specifically designed circuits to meet the high-performance demand of the said race. Traditional venue locations are always kept on schedule […]

Aerodynamics of Formula One Racing

Have you ever thought of cars having wings? As it turns out, this is possible. Airplanes are not the only one crafted by aerodynamic design to utilize wings but cars as well. More specifically, Formula One racecars. For airplanes, wings have been designed to help lift them off the ground as they ascend. It is […]

Safety Measures for Formula One Drivers

What generally makes Formula One racing a dangerous sport is the high-speed driving needed in different challenging courses. Though winning the race is probably the main concern, the driver’s safety is also as important. New innovations and racecar constructors are always on the lookout for new and feasible safety mechanisms. Formula One racecars must be […]

The International World of Formula One Racing

The list of racetracks Formula One racing currently has ultimately makes it an international sport. Since 1991, the Circuit De Catalunya from Spain has been a part of Formula One. Its length underwent changes through the years. In Melbourne Australia, the Alberta Park Grand Prix Circuit was built and has been established as an F1 […]

F1 Racing Through The Years

Formula One is considered to be the premier motor sport from over the past century until recent times. It has fans in 200 countries all over the world, in different race circuits. It dates back from its roots–the European Grand Prix racing. Although auto racing dates far back before the war period, the first ever […]