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Road Trip

Things you have looked at before you go on a trip

Summer is here, and with current economic situations many people are choosing to stay in the country for their holiday to save a bit of cash. If you’re going to drive you may want to check one or two things on your car first and just perform a bit of basic car maintenance. The last […]

Is your car heater blowing out cold air?

Before you can determine the problem, you must first know how your car heater works. Remember that the part that transfers heat into the passenger compartment is the heater core. This can be thought of as a mini radiator. The coolant flows through the heater core while the fan, also known as the blower, blows […]

How to Maintain Your Car Heater

Are you going to perform some maintenance on your car heater? Are you trying to repair your car heater? First of all you need to check if your car heater is still working… Winter is a busy time for car owners. There are a lot of things to change and check before you can ride […]

How To Repair Your Car Heater

Car heaters are really important, especially during those cold winters. If you have encountered some problems with your car’s temperature, it is advised that you check your car heater and radiator. Your car heater works almost like your car radiator. The coolant originating from your engine goes through the heater core, and then the air […]

Car Water Damage

Water Damage to Your Interior

For many car owners, one of the things that can be very troublesome is when there is water damage to your interior.  Water getting into your car’s interior can cause plenty of problems.  First off, it can affect upholstery, can cause mold to grow and deteriorate your interior.  While water damage can be a problem, […]

Nitrous Oxide Kit

Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably know all about nitrous oxide or at least seen it action in your favorite racing movie.  However, nitros oxide is not a Hollywood tall tale, it is a legitimate way and in many municipalities, still a legal way to boost the performance of your vehicle. What […]

Broken Windshield

Car Windshield Repair

For practically anyone that drives often, one of the components of your vehicle that is bound to be damaged is the windshield.  Made from glass, it doesn’t take that much for it to break.  It could be as little as a small rock being kicked up on the highway or even a quick change in […]

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light

No matter what type of car you own, one ubiquitous light on the dash that no driver wants to see is the Check Engine light. The check engine light has become as common as the ignition, however practically ever car manufacturer differs on what causes it go off. Here are some tips on caring for […]

Best Oil to Use for Your Car

Motor oil is extremely important to help lubricate your engine.  Without it, your engine would immediately seize up and be a worthless piece of metal.  If you visited your auto parts store recently, you have probably noticed a wide variety of motor oil being offered. So which one is best to use- here is a […]

Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

If you are car tuning enthusiast, you probably feel lots of pride about your car.  Unfortunately, even if the exterior of your vehicle looks great, if the inside of your vehicle has garbage from last night’s fast food meal or is just dirty, grimy and smelly, no one will want to drive with you and […]