Car Security

Your car is probably the second biggest purchase of your life (besides your home) and while many vehicles are insured against fire, theft and collision, no one wants to go through the hassle of having their beloved vehicle damaged in any way. For those that love their cars, prevention is usually the best deterrent against damages or loss of your vehicle and by implementing some car security products, you can severely reduce the risks of damage.

Car Alarms

Car alarms are now found installed on most vehicles or an option on many new vehicles. In addition, for those older vehicles that do not have a car alarm, adding an after market product is easy, affordable and effective. Obviously, a car alarm won’t make your car impossible to steal, but it will be an extremely effective deterrent. Any amateur will not be able to steal your vehicle without at least having the car alarm go off and hopefully waking a few of the neighbors. Car alarms work because they bring attention to the vehicle. Whether it is in a parking lot or parked on a quiet city street, the deterrent of the car alarm has been proven effective

Satellite Tracking Devices

With GPS products now being very popular, one of the ways that you can thwart your car being stolen and never recovered is to place a small GPS tracking device in your vehicle. If your vehicle is ever stolen, you can quickly pinpoint the location of the vehicle on a digital map. Many satellite tracking devices also automatically contact the local police department to help recover your vehicle quickly before any additional damage can be done. While this technology is great for the average car, if you have a luxury vehicle or exotic sports car, this security device should be a mandatory purchase.

Steering Wheel Locks

A low tech car security device that is a great deterrent is a steering wheel lock. These easy to spot and effective items make it very difficult and nearly impossible to drive the vehicle by keeping the steering wheel forced into a limited range of motion. Of course, someone with a tow truck or flatbed can still steal your vehicle, but for the ordinary thief that doesn’t have a huge selection of tools at his disposal, steering wheel locks make stealing a car a very tedious and risky proposition. Steering wheel locks are not only low tech, but very affordable with prices starting at about $20.

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