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Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italian Stallion

Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italian Stallion

Wheelsandmore is entering Mansory territory by making their own Stallion Ferraris. This Ferrari 458 Italia they’ve tuned is not as mad and vulgar as the one Mansory did. Still, we think the divine 458 does not even need this and tuners should really leave it alone! Anyhow, the car has received a visual treatment with […]

ANDERSON Germany Ferrari 16M Conversion

ANDERSON Germany Ferrari 16M Conversion

For those who are bored with their Ferrari 430 Spider, or just badly want a 16 Scuderia but can’t get one, Anderson Germany has the answer. The tuner turns a 430 Spider into a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M Conversion Edition through the exclusive reconstruction, which includes a front air dam, side skirts, a rear apron […]

Ferrari FF by DMC

Ferrari FF by DMC

The first tuning package for the 620-hp Ferrari F is apparently going to be this kit, called the Maximus, by DMC. Visually, they have found the looks of the FF tricky to upgrade. So you just get a traditional blend of front spoiler, side skirts, big rear diffuser,and a spoiler on the rear hatch. It […]

Ferrari F430 with Lamborghini nose!

This car is a work of Japanese tuner Auto Veloce, and as you see they’ve mated a Ferrari F430 with a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560! Now if these two cars were cheap or anything rubbish, you could call it lame or stupid. But it’s a Ferrari with some Lamborghini flavor, what’s not to like?! Apart from […]

Status Design Ferrari F430

Russian are not new to tuning business, but it’s has not been long since they started to get some recognition. That’s because of fine works such as this. It’s a Ferrari F430 by Status Design, which features both visual and power upgrades. Actually it comes with two power packages with different level of output. The […]

Oakley previews its Ferrari 458 Italia

British tuner Oakley Design has released details of their package for the Ferrari 458 Italia which seems to be very ambitious. They say they can reduce the weight of the car, increase its power and enhance the aerodynamics. So this small firm is claiming they know better than Ferrari! As for the engine, they say […]

Matte Grey Ferrari 458 Italia by Cam Shaft

Cam Shaft is a German tuning company which is seeking some media attention by preparing an unusual package for the new Ferrari 458! This program won’t help you go faster nor make it more beautiful, but it might turn some necks in streets because it’s styled as a F117 Nighthawk fighter bomber! Now this is […]

Novitec tweaks Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Novitec Rosso, as the traditional tuner of Ferrari, has upgrade packages for all models in the range and here’s a new one for the old 612. As usual Novitec cars come don’t get too much modification on the exterior. This one too only comes with a new diffuser and four new tailpipes, plus Novitec signature […]

Novitec Rosso refines Ferrari California

Who better than Ferrari specialist Novitec Rosso to optimize the California convertible! Actually the car is so good in its original state that this job is more of a refinement than heavy tuning. Novitec adds a bit more power, a few styling tweaks, upgrades the suspension and bolt some huge rims on the car! With […]

Wimmer Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Wimmer RS has revealed their new tuning program for the Ferrari F430 which has been developed for the 2009 Essen Motor Show and features more power and unique appearance. The 483hp engine in this Ferrari is upgraded with a new management software and a handbuilt high grade steel exhaust system that optimizes dynamic pressure contains […]