Car Cameras

Digital cameras have not only revolutionized the way we take pictures of our friends and family, but also many of the ways we drive. Digital cameras have increased in use exponentially in the last decade. First digital cameras became popular as webcams, then on mobile phones and now as a standard feature in many types of vehicles. Car cameras are generally used to give the driver a clear view of any possible blind spots he or she may have.

Car Cameras are usually small devices that attach to the rear or side of your vehicle and are wired to your vehicles video display, which can be an in dash entertainment center for playing DVD’s or a GPS navigation display or even a separate LCD display specifically installed for camera viewing. The technology is fairly simple; it is like a small computer webcam that can view the driver’s blind spots at any time.

Car Camera Set

Perfect for larger vehicles which might have hard to see areas that can be dangerous when your vehicle backs out or changes lanes, car cameras are the perfect accessory to instantly view any objects such as kids toys, pets or pedestrians when backing out of the garage, driveway or parking lot.

On many new vehicles such as SUV‘s and minivans, car cameras are quickly becoming standard features, especially on higher priced vehicles. However, even on modestly priced vehicles, this feature can be an option. If you own an older vehicle or a car in which this option is not available, after market products are affordable and easy to install.

There are two categories for after market products; the first is the car camera only category in which the vehicle already has some kind of digital display that can be used. The second category is when the car camera is sold with its own digital display or media center (DVD player/GPS navigation system). Generally speaking, car cameras sold on their own cost from about $100 to $300 without installation. For systems that include both the camera and the display, expect to pay much more.

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