The Viper Name Plate to Be Sold

In the 1990’s one car that was huge for sporting American muscle and performance wrapped in good looks was the Dodge Viper. While Dodge has since been bought by Daimler (originally part of Daimler- Chrysler) and subsequently split again (still under the Chrysler badge) Chrysler is now looking for a potential buyer.

Chrysler has always been the small fish of the big 3 car makers and in today’s market with all 3 car makers on the verge of bankruptcy, Chrysler is looking to sell some of its most popular (but low margin) name plates.

The Dodge Viper started as a 1992 model and today it is still one of the most respected sport cars on the road. With a V10, 8.4 liter engine, most sports cars can’t touch this beast on the track or street. Today’s fourth generation ZB Viper is incredible as it produces a whopping 600 horsepower, 90 hp more than previous models. The ZB can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 in about 3.5 seconds and 0 to 100 in about 7.6- that is about 11.5 quarter mile hitting approximately 129 mph. Don’t worry, the top speed for this incredible car is over 200 beating some of the best exotics out there (202 mph for the coupe version, the roadster reaches only 197 mph).

While there is much to be proud of the Viper, with the potential sale of the Viper to a foreign buyer, it can make many enthusiasts very sad to say the least. The one thing that many Americans like about their sports cars is not the finesse or elegance, but the rawness in power and aggressiveness they display. While there is no buyer announced yet, as soon as the Dodge brass commit, it is very likely that the Viper will be put on the auctioning block and sold very quickly.

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