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Ford Mustang GT 2005

Two Great Street Cars Under 30K

If you have a limited budget, but still want the best of what is offered for street driving.  Two cars you should definitely look at are the Nissan 350Z and the Ford Mustang GT.  Both cars have base sticker prices under $30K and while they can be much more loaded with certain trims and options, [...]

Car Water Damage

Water Damage to Your Interior

For many car owners, one of the things that can be very troublesome is when there is water damage to your interior.  Water getting into your car’s interior can cause plenty of problems.  First off, it can affect upholstery, can cause mold to grow and deteriorate your interior.  While water damage can be a problem, [...]

Honda Accord - Coupe vs Sedan

Choosing Between a Coupe and Sedan

One of the vexing questions for many car buyers is what type of style vehicle should one buy.  Today, for many people looking to buy typical passenger vehicles, you usually have a choice between a coupe (2 door) and a sedan (4 door). While in years past, there were big differences between the two, today [...]

Driving School

Enroll in Racing School

Do you love to get the most performance out of your car?  If you do, you might just be interested in signing up for racing school.  Racing schools is perhaps the best place to learn from the pros how to get the most performance out of your vehicle.  And besides plenty of knowledge and tips [...]

Nitrous Oxide Kit

Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably know all about nitrous oxide or at least seen it action in your favorite racing movie.  However, nitros oxide is not a Hollywood tall tale, it is a legitimate way and in many municipalities, still a legal way to boost the performance of your vehicle. What [...]

Driving in the rain

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Whether you drive a high performance sports car or a passenger vehicle, driving in the rain can be dangerous to say the least.  Since the rain makes the roads more slippery, your car can be put to the limits on how it handles and holds the road. Here are some tips on driving in the [...]

Broken Windshield

Car Windshield Repair

For practically anyone that drives often, one of the components of your vehicle that is bound to be damaged is the windshield.  Made from glass, it doesn’t take that much for it to break.  It could be as little as a small rock being kicked up on the highway or even a quick change in [...]

Car Auction Tips

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car and would like to save plenty of money, one of the best ways to do so is via auction.  Car auctions have always been popular, however today with many vehicles being repossessed, prices at auctions are as low as ever. Here are some tips. Government Auctions [...]

3 Driving Tips for Lower Gas Consumption

With gas prices taking a big hit on many wallets across the nation, many drivers are now looking for ways to save more on their transportation costs. One way to do so is to raise your fuel efficiency to get better mileage and fill up less at the pumps. Many drivers don’t realize that just [...]

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light

No matter what type of car you own, one ubiquitous light on the dash that no driver wants to see is the Check Engine light. The check engine light has become as common as the ignition, however practically ever car manufacturer differs on what causes it go off. Here are some tips on caring for [...]