The Mercedes Gullwing

It’s finally here, the Mercedes Gullwing is set to be in the public eye and at your local car dealership as early as 2010.  While the Gullwing has been rumored for years, Mercedes enthusiasts can finally rejoice to this incredible model finally going into production.  So what does a revamped Gullwing look like?  Well for starters, many enthusiasts are comparing it to a mix between a Dodge Viper and Mercedes SLR.  The Gullwing offers beautiful lines, a distinct slung back and a fairly long hood, however the most striking feature of this vehicle of course is its gullwing doors.

Mercedes Gullwing

What To Expect Under the Hood of the New Gullwing
While it is still too early to tell and details are too few at this time to put together anything definite, many in the industry are predicting that the new Mercedes Gullwing will come with either a V8 or V10 engine.  As far as horsepower is concerned, there should be plenty under the hood even for the most demanding enthusiast.  Most experts are predicting about 500 horsepower to above 650 horsepower.  In addition, for transmissions, expect all wheel drive with paddle shifting and maybe Mercedes 7-tronic automatic gearbox.  It is said that Mercedes will want to create about 6,000 of these Gullwings per year, but as of yet there is no price for this vehicle.

Obviously, the Mercedes Gullwing is one of the styling cues that has been requested for decades.  And as new materials and technologies have come about, it definitely seems the right time to finally bring the classic essence of Mercedes back into production.  If you are a Merc enthusiast, be sure to make friends with your local dealership so that you can get on the list for this vehicle, if the buzz is right, this will be one of the hottest Mercedes to come out in a long time.

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