Water Damage to Your Interior

For many car owners, one of the things that can be very troublesome is when there is water damage to your interior.  Water getting into your car’s interior can cause plenty of problems.  First off, it can affect upholstery, can cause mold to grow and deteriorate your interior.  While water damage can be a problem, in many cases it is easy to stop.

Car Water Damage

Here are some tips.

After a big rain, check your vehicle for water damage.  The reason you should check for damage even if you don’t see any evidence of water in your vehicle, is that by catching a small leak in the earliest of stages you can make sure that water damage doesn’t get worse.  Usually check around all seals first.  Your sunroof/moonroof, by the door seals, the trunk, etc.  These seals are usually the main places where water damage occurs.  Sometimes fixing the problem can be as easy as making sure a door is closed all the way or cleaning out a seal of debris.

If you find water damage such as a small puddle of water on the floor of your vehicle or on the upholstery, remove as much moisture as possible.  The best way to remove small amounts of water is with a vacuum.  Vacuums will suck out most of the moisture in the upholstery.  It is also a good idea to shampoo the upholstery afterwards which will also remove many of the mold spores that might be in the cloth upholstery from the rain.  If mold starts to grow in your vehicle and a leak persists, you can be asking for lots of trouble.  Not only will your car smell funky, but health wise some mold spores can exacerbate health issues.

If your vehicle is in a flood and completely damaged, you will need expert help which will usually entail a professional cleaning and might require a complete change of upholstery and electronics.

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