Car Windshield Repair

For practically anyone that drives often, one of the components of your vehicle that is bound to be damaged is the windshield.  Made from glass, it doesn’t take that much for it to break.  It could be as little as a small rock being kicked up on the highway or even a quick change in temperature from cold to hot.  Many people experience a few types of damage to windshields that can be fixed without removing the windshield at all and costing less than $100.

Broken Windshield

Here are some tips.

Types of Breaks that Can Be Fixed Affordably
There are a few types of breaks that can be fixed affordably- usually for less than $100.  They include the small cracks that extend from a chip in the glass, long lines with no central chip or a combination of the two.  The good news is that with these types of damage, you can usually use an acrylic resin to fix the damage.

An acrylic resin is usually strong enough to not only fix the damage, but ensure that further damage doesn’t occur.  One reason that many should look to fix their windshield without removing the glass from their vehicle is that the factory seal is still in place.  When you put a new windshield into your vehicle, you may get leaking or other damage due to a poor seal.

Acrylic Resin
Usually a technician can use special acrylic resin to fix damage to your windshield.  The resin replaces any air trapped in the damaged area.  Once the resin is injected into the windshield it is cured.  Curing will ensure that the resin will blend into the windshield and it will not be visibly noticeable to the driver.  Even the texture of the resin will be completely smooth and unnoticeable.  This service can be done usually for less than $100 making it economical and practical.

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