Best Oil to Use for Your Car

Motor oil is extremely important to help lubricate your engine.  Without it, your engine would immediately seize up and be a worthless piece of metal.  If you visited your auto parts store recently, you have probably noticed a wide variety of motor oil being offered.

So which one is best to use- here is a quick guide:

First Read Your Owner’s Manual
Your car’s manufacturer has spent billions of dollars developing your vehicle, so they should know best which motor oil to use in your vehicle.  Check with them first.  However, there are generally three types of motor oil to choose from.  They are:  conventional, synthetic and synthetic blend.

Conventional Motor Oil
Conventional motor oil is what you are probably familiar with.  This is simply the least refined type of motor oil and since less processing goes into this oil, it is also the most affordable.  And while it is less refined, it is also the most susceptible to heat and can break down easier than other types- ultimately giving your car’s engine less protection.

Synthetic Motor Oil
Synthetic motor oil has been processed heavily; it includes PAO, a special chemical that can resist heat and viscosity breakdown more durably.  If you require heavy duty motor oil due to extreme heat and usage, synthetic is probably the way to go.  It should be noted that while synthetic motor oil is much more durable, it is also much more expensive as well.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
If you want a more durable motor oil, but don’t want to pay the high price of adding synthetic oil, you can choose a synthetic blend.  Generally speaking a synthetic blend motor oil is a conventional motor oil with special additives included to help your engine deal with hotter temperatures and to burn more efficiently.

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