Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably know all about nitrous oxide or at least seen it action in your favorite racing movie.  However, nitros oxide is not a Hollywood tall tale, it is a legitimate way and in many municipalities, still a legal way to boost the performance of your vehicle.

Nitrous Oxide Kit

What Does Nitrous Oxide Do?

Nitrous Oxide increases the performance in a vehicle by feeding the engine more oxygen.  In a normal gasoline engine, oxygen from outside the vehicle gets sucked into the engine and mixes with fuel where it is ignited and burned creating power.  Since vehicles are specifically made to mix regular gasoline and ordinary air, the power to your vehicle is pretty standard.  However, when regular gasoline is mixed with air that has a tremendous amount of oxygen within it, the fuel burns much more quickly and powerful causing a huge boost in performance- specifically horsepower that can help rocket a car from 0-60 in much quicker time and a higher rate of speed.

Fitting Your Vehicle for Nitrous Oxide

Generally speaking, fitting your vehicle for nitrous oxide is not that difficult.  Nitrous Oxide comes in a canister- sort of like an oxygen tank- except smaller and the tank is usually blue.  Most put the nitrous tank in the trunk of their car or near the back seat.  The controls however are accessible to the driver.  The nitrous tank is then connected to the intake and carburetor for easy access to the engine.  Many systems utilize a fogger system which sprays a mist of nitrous which is easily broken down into nitrogen and oxygen making it easy for your car to burn.  Set ups of nitrous oxide into your vehicle are usually affordable, but if you are a novice it is best to let the pros hook your system up.

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