The 2010 Dodge EV

Big News Today from the auto industry, one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world Chrysler will be manufacturing and selling electric vehicles as early as 2010.  For car tuning enthusiasts that are looking for an all electric vehicle in the similar vein as Tesla Motors, The 2010 Dodge EV will surely please.  While details are still scant, there were a few things mentioned today to give the public some idea of what type of vehicle is in the works.  Here are just some of the tidbits we learned about today.

The 2010 Dodge EV Will be an All Electric Roadster
Chrysler is looking to enter the electric market in 2010 with a bang.  Looking probably to go head to head with Tesla Motors and their $109,000 roadster, the Dodge EV will be a high performance, all electric vehicle.  It is currently being designed with the help of Lotus Cars Ltd and current performance is rated at 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds and the ability to run a distance of about 200 miles on a full charge.  A full battery charge would take about 8 hours with a 110 volt connection and half that with 220 volt connection.  Besides an all electric sportser, Chrysler has also hinted that it may produce a hybrid roadster that will have great performance with less sticker shock.

The Key is in the Battery
Obviously, the most important component of an electric vehicle is the battery and Chrysler has been working with a variety of suppliers and with many organizations doing cutting edge research on battery materials.  It looks like battery technology is advancing pretty quickly and will be powerful enough within the next few years to propel the first of an onslaught of many new electric vehicles.

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