Enhance Your Car with a New Muffler

One of the best ways to not only add some horsepower to your vehicle, but add a nice, rich, beefy sound as well is to install a new muffler.  Today, you can find a wide variety of muffler products for your car, no matter if it is an import or domestic vehicle.  In addition, for those looking to add even more performance, you might also want to add new or custom headers.

Muffler - Interior detail

Here are some tips:

First off, there are plenty of products that you can choose from.  You have a choice of installing a new muffler (whether single or dual) or installing a whole muffler kit including the exhaust, hangers, pipes and pre bent mandrels.  For extra power, you may even want to consider purchasing headers.  Headers can offer you even more performance than a just installing a muffler because headers provide air to your engine smoothly and evenly which can boost performance and horsepower.

There are plenty of places to shop for a muffler, muffler kits or headers, however online is definitely a great place to start.  You can visit a whole bunch of sites to see the wide variety of mufflers and customer mufflers available.  No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you will surely find a muffler that fits right and gives your car added performance.

Regarding installation, while a simple muffler set up should be easy enough for a shade tree mechanic, if you are installing custom mufflers and headers, you better let an experienced buddy or professional mechanic do the job for you.  As far as cost is concerned, while most mufflers are affordable and won’t necessarily break the bank, a few products can be quite steep and out of reach for most college students.

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