Adding performance to you car with a chip

More equipment under the hood for your automobile can add up to some serious cash, countless hours and a sore back and hands. Thanks to the new machine tuning this is a thing of the past.

If you have been watching the car tuning TV shows, you may remember how they spend the entire period over an engine, telling and installing car parts and getting in new advanced car parts, checking everything with computers. After half the show is over, the actual work begins on the engine and they get all excited over the parts they are putting into the vehicle. Not the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon but the parts will pay for themselves.

If you want to add more speed and performance to your automobile but don’t want to pay large amounts of money and countless hours in the process, computer-controlled vehicles are your best bet. Most vehicles now are built have a computer put into them in the last 30 years.. This computer controlling device monitors the action and the output of the engine. Your automobile is most likely one of them. The great news most this is that tuning your vehicle is so easy because of it.

Simply change the older programming chip with a new one designed for the performance you want and you chip will give you nice gains that are unheard of depending on the size of chip you bought. This can be done with a simple purchase. Get a Diablo Sport or Hyper-tech automobile performance Chips, which are made just for this engine enhancement and are made by the pros. Take the chip, plug it into the OBD-II port (it’s beneath your steering column) and follow the instructions given. It should take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes to install. Your chip you added can increase the horsepower of your engine about 5% to 10 % more.

Some folks wonder why the car that they are driving is making hidden noises under the hood.  When the automobile action chips are active, they make the engine perform at the peak of the engines potential, making a sound you have not heard from your engine before. But many people don’t understand how the professionals in the TV shows can get that much gain from the engine with a aftermarket performance chip. This can be easily explained. The automobile factories create and have vehicles for a generalized audience, but No, You want power!

Automotive performance chips are not set at your average settings. They give your car the added boost that you are looking for. That’s what makes them so great. If you are worried about voiding the warranty when you bring your automobile to a service center to have this chip installed, your warranty is not in risk. The federal law states that the warranty of your car can not be voided by your performance chip unless proven to be the problem.

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  1. Ben Franklin 2 says:

    Unless your money grows in a tree in your garden, you’d be smart to skip this chip! File this alongside the turbo-air intake manifold ram and engine rebuild in a can. The manufacturer already made it run the best it is going to, if you need more power you need to think about internal engine work. If you dont like the way your car runs, get another car. Miracles are not sold in a can or on a chip, this is an expensive racket.

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