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Magneti Marelli Elaborazione 1919 Alfa Romeo MiTo

That’s one helluva big name for a car, isn’t it! But every part of it reflects on a great product. First there is the Magneti Marelli, a very famous Italian auto engineering firm specializing in racing machines, then the Elaborazione 1919, which is their tuning arm, and finally the lovely Alfa Romeo Mito. Put them […]

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione by Autodelta

Autodelta is the, as far as we know, the only world famous tuning company specializing in Alfa Romeo cars, so obviously they’re the first to come up with an upgrade package for it. With its impossibly beautiful body and the thoroughbred V8 under the bonnet, the 8C definitely classifies in the supercar segment. And Autodelta […]

Alfa Romeo Brera S3.2 by Autodelta

Alfa Romeo breraS 3.2 is British re-tuned version of the Italian sportscar which is refined by Prodrive to become lighter and also handles better. Now Alfa tuner Autodelta is picking up where Prodrive left and fits the Brera with a supercharger, so you have a thoroughly enhanced Alfa Romeo! Autodelta’s Brera Compressore is now capable […]

Alfa Romeo 8C

In the states, Alfa Romeo has a bad rep.  In the early to mid 90’s Alfa Romeo was available here in America, however after some quality control problems and a lack of demand, this once great car company was forced to leave and go back to Europe.  Well, today Alfa Romeo is once again making […]

Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 JTS V6 Q4 SV Technical Specifications

The Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 JTS V6 Q4 SV is a beautiful exotic car running on a 3.2 Liter V6 engine, capable of 238lb-ft@4500rpm / 260bhp@6300rpm. The Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 JTS V6 Q4 SV is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 6.8 s and reaches a top speed of 149 mph. This […]

Alfa Romeo

In 1910 a little company was founded with an acronym for a name.  It would later become one of the most prominent names in the automotive industry… “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” is the acronym used and thus Alfa Romeo was born – but not before having a different name first four years earlier.  SAID was […]

Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147 is bound to win great appreciations from the car lovers as they can truly realize the worth and the quality of this family car. The exclusive features of this car made it entitled to be designated as the European Car for year 2001. The car works on the running gear. When this […]