Alfa Romeo Brera S3.2 by Autodelta

Alfa Romeo breraS 3.2 is British re-tuned version of the Italian sportscar which is refined by Prodrive to become lighter and also handles better.

Now Alfa tuner Autodelta is picking up where Prodrive left and fits the Brera with a supercharger, so you have a thoroughly enhanced Alfa Romeo!


Autodelta’s Brera Compressore is now capable of 352 hp and 435 nm of torque. Being a front wheel drive car, the Brera is equipped with a limited slid differential as well as a refined traction control, so this enormous power won’t embarrass it in tricky situations!


The car also gets new adjustable suspension with coil-overs that naturally lowers it by some inches enhancing its handling and aerodynamics. Alfa Brera is indeed one of the prettiest cars ever built, but it never had the sporty ingredients it needed to become perfect, now it seems that Autodelta has that one covered for it.

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