Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147 is bound to win great appreciations from the car lovers as they can truly realize the worth and the quality of this family car. The exclusive features of this car made it entitled to be designated as the European Car for year 2001. The car works on the running gear. When this car was launched at Turin Motor Show in 2000 it was widely appreciated and noted for its styling for which it bagged in many awards. The angriere look of the car makes it popular with stury people. The interior of the car is well updated to make the drive pleasurable. The susupension of the car is yanked. As the steering is sensitive it is easy to drive and the driver can now park the vehicle without much trouble. As the car offers numerous features which will catch the attention of the non car lovers one feels compelled to drive the car at its maximum speed of 208km/hr.

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