Alfa Romeo 8C

In the states, Alfa Romeo has a bad rep.  In the early to mid 90’s Alfa Romeo was available here in America, however after some quality control problems and a lack of demand, this once great car company was forced to leave and go back to Europe.  Well, today Alfa Romeo is once again making a mark in the American market.  The New Alfa Romeo 8C will be available here in the states.  Since 1995, none of its cars have been sold, however the 8C is a limited edition of 500 vehicles which 90 will be sold here.  For those that have reservations, the Alfa Romeo is truly back to its roots with the 8C.  Besides great technology, incredible performance and impeccable styling, the Alfa Romeo offers drivers something that hasn’t been around for a while- the true Alfa Romeo experience.

Alfa Romeo 8c

Under the Hood of the 8C
This car weighs a hefty 3500 lbs, even though it uses pretty much a complete carbon fiber body.  However, performance definitely doesn’t lack.  The car includes a 450 horsepower V8 engine that accelerates like a rocket.  In fact, you can easily hit 0 to 60 in about 4.2 seconds without leaving second gear.  While purists will be a little disappointed that there is no manual transmission available, for those that like speed shifting and high technology, Alfa Romeo includes a nicely done semi automatic transmission with paddle steering.


The Interior of the Alfa Romeo 8C
While the exterior is incredibly beautiful and sophisticated, you will find plenty of luxury, refinement and civility in the 8C’s interior.  Crafted with beautiful materials that include fine leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and glass, you definitely feel Italian in this sports car.  The 8C’s price hasn’t been set yet, but many believe it will be around the $250K mark.  Also expect a convertible version soon on the market as well.

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