2009 Mazda 3

Mazda has definitely earned itself a great reputation with great vehicles such as the Mazda RX7 many years ago and today’s RX8.  Besides nicely done sports cars, Mazda also makes high quality, fuel efficient cars for everyday use- one is the Mazda 3.  The Mazda 3 might be the base model for this brand, but the base model can also tell a lot about the company that makes it.  Although the Mazda 3 is about $15K, most will find plenty of fun, sporty good looks and comfort in this model.  The Mazda 3 is a four door sedan which is perfect for those with a small family, college kids on a budget and would like some room to haul their friends and for those that like fun cars in small packages that are fuel efficient.

Mazda 3 - 2009

Under the Hood of the Mazda 3
While you won’t find anything revolutionary, the engine is quite capable and peppy.  The Mazda 3 sports either has a 2.0 L 4 cylinder DOHC that offers 148 hp or a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder DOHC that adds about 8 more hp to 156 hp.  There are plenty of trims with this vehicle and you can match up these engines either with a 4 speed automatic, 5 speed manual economy transmission or a 5 speed sport automatic transmission that comes equipped with a manual shift mode.  Fuel economy is a major selling point of this vehicle and this vehicle gets very nice mileage near 30 mpg on the highway.

Exterior and Interior
There is plenty to like about both the interior and exterior.  There are plenty of trims to choose from and with these trims come more and more comforts.  In addition, you can also choose between 15 inch, 16 inch and 17 inch tires- depending on the trim.  Base price is about $15K all the way up to $21,500 for the S Grand Touring trim package.

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