2 Post Car Lift Kits

2 Post car lift kits are generally the most affordable type of car lift on the market and used most often for mechanical work.  2 post car lifts are usually made from high quality steel and includes two main structural posts and an overhead post that connects the two.  A vehicle- usually a car can be driven through and lifted easily from the ground up.  It should be noted that the car lift is off center with the two posts usually located right after the front wheel and situated before the front door of the vehicle.  From each post come two arms in the shape of a “V” that effectively lift and lower the vehicle.

2 Post Car Lift Kits

2 Post car lifts are generally made for amateurs to work on their vehicles.  They are usually powered by electric/hydraulic means; meaning electricity powers pumps that fill the two columns with hydraulic fluid effectively lifting the vehicle fully in less than one minute’s time.

Most 2 post car lifts are made for normal cars and light trucks that weigh less than 7,000 lbs.  If you have a larger vehicle such as an SUV, there are 2 posts car lifts that come in 9,000 lbs and even 15,000 lbs capacities.  2 car post lifts are usually priced from $1,000 to $3,000 new.  They fit nicely in almost any garage and most kits can be purchased with slight modifications to fit in a smaller size garage or space.

Most 2 post car lift kits require assembly which is fairly easy, but usually require at least 2 to 3 people to set up.  It should be noted that these kits are fairly heavy weighing in at about 1,500 pounds.  For the most part, setting up a 2 car lift kit is not complicated, but can take a few hours to ensure safety and reliability.  Most 2 post car lifts come with at least a 5 year warranty and many even offer 10 year warranties.  If your 2 post car lift will stay indoors, expect minimal rust and decay.

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