Transmission Mission – It’s all in the timing

You have to reach that right speed before you can quickly shift your gears. Timing is crucial in getting the most out of your car’s powerful engine. You have to know when to get the beast out of your monstrous engine, as well as, taming the beast.

Car Transmission

There are some ways to upgrade your transmission. You can choose from trusted transmission brands like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tremec, and Honda. Honda makes different kinds of performance transmissions ranging from a basic one to custom made racing transmissions.

There are two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. Clutches are needed to engage or disengage a manual transmission, while with automatic transmissions torque converters take the place of clutches. Automatic transmissions are an advantage for racecars and cars with forced induction because even at a high rev, it can permit the car to stop. While on a stall, drivers then release the brakes for a super-charged launch.

Automatic Transmission

Computers paved the way for the emergence of semi-automatic transmissions which we can say, give racecar drivers the best of both worlds.

In choosing gearboxes, choose those that are made of hard and durable materials to avoid breakage. Low-ratio gearboxes are said to provide improved acceleration and better mileage.

Another gearbox option is the sequential gearbox. This type of manual transmission gives the race driver the advantage of fast shifting. You only have to push the shift stick up every time you want to change to a higher gear, or pull the shift down if you want to use a lower gear.

Performance shift kits are available to make your shifting experience smoother and quicker. These shifts are well balanced and precise. Most of these performance shift kits are short, but easy to install.

Get your car a gear knob that will match your steering wheel or the interiors of your car. Gear knobs come in leather, carbon fiber, or choose an illuminated gear knob if this suits your fancy.

Always have your transmission fluid changed whenever it’s due to keep you shifting gears smoothly. Use synthetic oil with higher quality to take on the added heat due to continuous shifting.

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