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XTR Porsche Cayman X-Wide

For whatever reason, German tuner XTR Carchip decided to pick a 2006 Porsche Cayman S and style it as a full blooded racing car, but for the streets! So they gave the Cayman a very wide body kit consisting of new bumpers with spoiler and splitter for extra racing sensation!, hugely buffed up fenders, side [...]

Ford Mustang GT 2005

Two Great Street Cars Under 30K

If you have a limited budget, but still want the best of what is offered for street driving.  Two cars you should definitely look at are the Nissan 350Z and the Ford Mustang GT.  Both cars have base sticker prices under $30K and while they can be much more loaded with certain trims and options, [...]

Tuned Car

Getting Some Track Time with Your Vehicle

Most car tuning enthusiasts modify their street vehicles to provide them with extreme performance.  While many of these modifications are practical and functional, most can only be realized on the track.  If you have modified your vehicle for extreme performance, but are unable to utilize it on your streets, then it’s time to take your [...]

Street Racing Dangers

The Dangers Of Street Racing

One of the more dangerous activities that any driver can participate in is the participation in a street racing event. Street racing is not a new phenomenon, but with newer technology and faster cars being accessible to more and more younger people these days, it has developed into a much larger problem than it has [...]

Street Racing – Complete Guide

Street Racing – Complete Guide

Street racing is an illegal auto racing sport in which two or more drivers race on public roads amongst other vehicles. Be cause of the risks involved it is illegal in almost every country worldwide, with punishments ranging from high fines to jail time. The inherent risk is that a vehicle in the race will [...]