The Dangers Of Street Racing

One of the more dangerous activities that any driver can participate in is the participation in a street racing event. Street racing is not a new phenomenon, but with newer technology and faster cars being accessible to more and more younger people these days, it has developed into a much larger problem than it has been at different times in the past. Street racing may be exhilarating for the driver, but it is also extremely dangerous and justifiably illegal.

The negative effects of street racing are many and most are actually quite serious. The traffic violation possibilities range from a simple speeding ticket up to reckless driving and more if the car is involved in an accident. These types of infractions can lead to loss of a drivers license, impoundment of the vehicle, or even jail time. There are even worse possibilities in street racing though. A car, or multiple cars, involved in street racing can end up in a collision that injurs or kills the drivers of the vehicles. Possibly even worse, the cars may unintentionally kill spectators of the race or innocent bystanders who are not even interested in the outcome of the illegal race. A decision to race a car on a public street could lead to someone losing their son, daughter, mother, or father.

Street Racing Dangers

The extremely high speeds that some of these street racing vehicles travel at make them to be incredibly dangerous machines operating recklessly in areas where there is the possibility of other cars driving or people walking. When a car is traveling at speeds of 100mph to 180mph on public streets, the driver has little or no time to react to a sudden movement by a pedestrian or the sudden appearance of an average person pulling their car out onto the same street. The results of these type of interactions between a street racer and the general public are often tragic.

The solution to the street racing issue is to take the race off public roadways. There are a number of race tracks that are currently not in use any more that can be rented for private races. Also, often race tracks that are operational will hold street car racing events and invite the public to watch in a safe and confined area.

When coupling the illegality of street racing to the lack of safety and likelihood of tragedy that it entails, it is easy to see that there is no place for street racing the public roads. There are options to street racing, though these are few, and possibly more attention at providing an alternative venue to street racers would help to keep some of them from racing on public roadways.

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