Getting Some Track Time with Your Vehicle

Most car tuning enthusiasts modify their street vehicles to provide them with extreme performance.  While many of these modifications are practical and functional, most can only be realized on the track.  If you have modified your vehicle for extreme performance, but are unable to utilize it on your streets, then it’s time to take your vehicle to the track.

Tuned Car

Before You Go
Most localities have a track that is not that far away.  Even if it is a couple of hours distance, it may well be worth your time to take your vehicle to the track to enjoy the performance you worked hard modifying.  However, before you take your vehicle to the track, there are a few things you should know.  Every track’s requirements are different, so make sure you know exactly when there is open track time available and regulations they have in place.  It should also be noted that most tracks require the driver to have safety gear such as a helmet and working seatbelts.  Some may go further in safety gear; however a phone call will usually be able to gain valuable info on what you need.  In addition, check on fees, the cost of insurance (if it is available) and any other information that fits your type of vehicle.

Once at the Track
Once at the track, use your time wisely.  Make sure your vehicle is ready to go, don’t get to the track and start making modifications that should have been done in the garage.  Obviously, some tweaking will need to be done depending on the track conditions, but since you are paying for the time, be prepared.  Finally, make sure safety is a priority.  It is easy to think that a track environment is much safer than the street, however a lot can still go wrong, so make sure you are always on your game and pay attention to the rules of the track- they are there for everyone’s safety.

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