Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost

Mansory released their tuned Rolls Royce Ghost, which they call The White Ghost!

Apart from the obvious white body color, it also comes with a subtle and stylish body kit with revised bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler, rear apron with diffuser and dual sport-exhaust-system. It also comes with bespoke 22-inch white wheels wrapped in Dunlop SP SportMaxx high-performance tyres.

Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost  Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost 1

Apart from the styling where the car really shines, Mansory also offers a great engine tuning program which raise the power from 570 up to 638 with 860 Nm of torque. That means the 2.4 ton Roller goes form 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and keeps going right up to 290 km/h.

Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost  Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost 3

The interior is also revamped with very fine leather and wood trims. It’s good they didn’t use carbon fiber like they normally do, because that’s just not suitable for Rolls Royce! The cost of this package if about 120,000 Euros.

Rolls-Royce Motors

Here comes probably the most complicated business acquisition ever. Rolls Royce Motors was founded and created out of the ashes of the old Rolls Royce car manufacturer, which had been split into a jet engine manufacturing company, and the latter Rolls Royce was acquired by Vickers. However in 1998 Vickers sold Rolls Royce and they sold it to Volkswagen. Now, follow me here. BMW, a company that had already been a major supplier of parts to Rolls-Royce, was thought to have been the highest bidder until VW outbid them.

Rolls Royce Logo

Well, what happened next was the Rolls-Royce PLC Jet Engine manufacturer decided to sell the trademarks for the Rolls-Royce name and the logo to BMW, while VW owned the grille and the mascot. This left VW with a mascot and grill, and BMW with the name and logo. A predicament that was resolved when BMW acquired the trademarks and mascot from VW, and VW got Bentley. So what happened was from 1998 to 2002 both companies cooperated and produced Rolls-Royce vehicles and parts until the divisions were split and Rolls-Royce was all BMW’s, whilst VW kept the Bentley.

Rolls-Royce Girl

During the VW join control era only two cars were produced, the Silver Seraph and the Corniche. Before that under the Vickers group there had been the Silver Spirit, the Silver Spur, and the Silver Dawn along with the Camargue and the continuing Phantom line along with the previous convertible Corniche II, III, and IV lines.

After the departure of Rolls-Royce from VW for good the brand was renamed from Rolls-Royce Motors to the new Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. During this time period the vehicles produced were of quality and thus far not many returns have been made, with both companies working on their asset and reputation of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. This quality of production would continue for both brands into their respective automotive companies.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Founded in 1998 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is the most recent incarnation of the Rolls Royce brand; however from 1998 to 2002 it was jointly owned by VW and BMW. However BMW now owns the full rights and brand name to Rolls-Royce, so this article will look at BMW’s ownership since 1998. Having a grand old history dating back to 1906 between two friends who started an automotive business in England to ending up in Germany it has been, what could be said, a wild ride for the company. Ever still the luxury brand sought by many and owned by few today’s Rolls-Royce vehicles are of top standards.

Rolls Royce Logo

In 2003 the brand under BMW released the all new Phantom, containing within it a 6.75 liter beast that was a V12, a BMW V12 mind you, while all the rest of the vehicle was unique and 100% Rolls-Royce. There was no trading of parts to scratch out a car, it was essentially the new car of Rolls-Royce designed and built from the ground up. Currently the price for a Phantom is about 250K in British pounds, and roughly 400-500k depending on market conditions in USD.

The latest development for the company are the Phantom Drophead coupe and the new planned four door model for the U.S. market priced at a low and quite affordable 250-330k US dollars. The Drophead Coupe is a convertible based on a prototype made for the centennial, and the current production model is fitted with a BMW V12 engine. It is a styled throwback to the 1930′s vehicles, and to me looks a little like the bat mobile.

Rolls-Royce Girl 1

Another recent development in addition to this and the four door is a production version of the 101Ex prototype concept car, another throwback to the 30′s styles, however it is not a convertible. The Ex101 doesn’t have any official figures on the engine, but it is estimated to have a 500+ hp engine, that is likely to be in the 700 range.


Founded in 1906 by Charles Rolls and his friend Henry Royce the first incarnation of Rolls Royce was that of a car manufacturer that started early in the history of the automotive industry. Their first car was the Silver Ghost that was manufactured from 1906 until 1925, and met great success – having a good number of vehicles built, totaling at over 6,000. By the mid 20′s they expanded to a new facility and later bought a rival car manufacturing firm called Bentley. In addition to manufacturing cars they also manufactured engines.

Rolls Royce Logo

Many engines. In fact they manufactured their first aircraft engines at the dawn of the First World War, along with those made later for the Second World War, and during the depression era buildup to it. After the Second World War they continued to manufacture engines for smaller planes and also for much larger planes. In the 50′s and 60′s there was a merger with another company – but at this point it had split majorly from the car manufacturing aspect to form a separate entity.

From the 1910s they started with cars that were above the 30hp threshold, such as the Silver Ghost, which was followed by the Phantom I, II and III, whilst also servicing the lower class with a car they named the 20HP and then the 20/25 by the mid 30s. After this, in the economy class, came the 25/30 Wraith, followed by a cessation of production and total conversion to wartime effort with aircraft engines and armaments for the allied troops When the war ended the first vehicle off the assembly line was the premium classed Silver Eraith, followed by the premium Phantom lines that continued through the 70′s, along with the more standard Silver Dawn until the mid 50′s, followed by the Silver Cloud until 1960, and then the Silver shadow until 1980.

Rolls-Royce Girl

Until the 1970s Rolls Royce was an independent company, and it met its demise with the Vickers plc takeover, followed by VW’s takeover, and then BMW. Although not truly dead, the independent Rolls Royce Company no longer exists as of 1973.

Rolls Royce Phantom Technical Specifications

The Rolls Royce Phantom is an awesome exotic car running on a 6.8 Liter V12 engine, capable of 720 Nm (530 lb.ft) @ Nm rpm / 453 bhp @ 5350 rpm.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 5.9s s and reaches a top speed of 149 mph.

Rolls Royce Phantom

This beautiful exotic car uses a 6-speed automatic transmission and weights 5478 lb kg.

Are you sure you want one of these? Well, you just need to put your hands on $0 and the Rolls Royce Phantom is all yours… Drive carefully! :)

Rolls Royce Park Ward Technical Specifications

The Rolls Royce Park Ward is an awesome exotic car running on a 5.4 liter V-12 engine, capable of 361lb-ft@3900rpm / 322bhp@5000rpm.

The Rolls Royce Park Ward is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 7.3 s and reaches a top speed of 140(electronically controlled) mph.

Rolls Royce Park Ward

This beautiful exotic car uses a 5-speed automatic transmission and weights 6162 lbs.

Are you sure you want one of these? Well, you just need to put your hands on $268,685 and the Rolls Royce Park Ward is all yours… Drive carefully! :)

Rolls Royce Phantom – No Tuning Needed

If there are cars that don’t need any tuning at all, the Rolls Royce Phantom is one of those. It’s impressive interiors, performance, design and price speak for themselves.

Check out a few pictures of this beauty!

I still wonder what I could tune there, what would you?

BMW And Volkswagen Battle Over Rolls Royce

It is not uncommon in the world of big business for one company to consume another company. Often it is done to acquire assets that the first company is in need of. Many times it is done so that the larger company can establish a foothold in a new or emerging marketplace. There are times it even happens so that the larger company’s assets are more diversified. And it can even happen at times as a defensive move so that the larger company is less attractive to another company looking to take it over. Whatever the reason for the takeover, when it happens it usually changes the entire look and feel of the company that has been taken over. Sometimes business deals like these are complicated when there are two larger companies trying to buy one smaller company, that is exactly what happened when both Volkswagen and BMW set their eyes on Rolls Royce.

BMW’s ties to Rolls Royce stretch back to the early 1990′s when the two companies teamed up to see two Rolls Royce models (the Silver Seraph and the Bentley Arnage make use of BMW engines. It was this early work together that laid the groundwork for BMW’s desires to eventually acquire the Rolls Royce company. It wasn’t until 1998 that BMW would take the first step of acquisition of Rolls Royce, unfortunately by that time Volkswagen had also entered the picture as a suitor of the world famous luxury car maker.

The early leader in the bidding for the Rolls Royce company was BMW, however they were later outbid for the company by Volkswagen who would eventually complete the purchase in late 1998. Volkswagen celebrated its victory over BMW, but BMW still had plan B available to them. When Volkswagen had completed negotiations it had acquired two important symbols of the Rolls Royce company, the uniquely shaped radiator grille and the “Spirit of Ecstasy” mascot. These are two world famous symbols of the Rolls Royce company and without them it would be difficult to continue marketing vehicles to Rolls Royce enthusiasts every where. The one thing that Volkswagen failed to purchase in the takeover? The rights to use the Rolls Royce name.

Rolls-Royce plc is an aero-engine manufacturing business that owns the rights to the name Rolls Royce. Unfortunately for Volkswagen, the aero-engine maker already had a working business partnership with BMW. Through a deal struck between the two companies, BMW reached a financial agreement in 1998 that allowed them to acquire the rights to both the name Rolls-Royce and the famous “RR” logo for use on automobiles.

At this point then, Volkswagen had acquired the Rolls Royce company and BMW had acquired the Rolls Royce name. Seeing that they were at an impasse, the companies fell into negotiations that ended with Volkswagen gaining the right to use the Rolls Royce name until the year 2003. But after 2003 BMW would gain the rights to use the grille and mascot from 2003 onwards.

When everything shook out following 2003, BMW had built a new factory to produce the much sought after Rolls Royce models, including the exciting new Rolls Royce Phantom, while Volkswagen concentrated on the other property gained in the original Rolls Royce purchase, the Bentley line of cars. Two large car companies had competed against each other in 1998 in a battle over specialty car maker Rolls Royce. At first it appeared that Volkswagen had dealth BMW a knockout blow, but in the end due to luck and insightful negotiating BMW had fought back to end the battle with what was essentially a draw. A very interesting episode in automotive manufacturing history, the likes that may never be seen again.

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