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Peugeot 3008 RC Line by Irmscher

To be brutally honest, Peugeot 3008 crossover is one of the ugliest cars the French firm has ever made! But it’s a good and practical car for your family. So if you always wanted one but hated its appearance worry no more because tuner Irmscher has released a styling kit for it which makes a […]

Peugeot 207 by RDX Racedesign

Unlike the irreplaceable Peugeot 206 which was the baby of tuners, its replacement, the 207, did not receive a warm welcome from the aftermarket crowd! Here’s one of the few official tuning jobs done for this car, and it desperately wants to grab your attention! It’s even got LSD doors! Created by RDX Racedesign, this […]



Peugeot was founded way back at the wee end of the 19th century in 1882 as a bicycle manufacturer – however there had been manufacturing in the facility and company since the 1700s, just not wheels and wheeled human powered or motor powered vehicles. In 1889 Armand Peugeot became very interested in automobiles, and fancied […]

Peugeot 207cc 120 – The Ladies Favorite

At first this Peugeot seems to be a ladies car by not offering a fair aggressive look. There is a sense of fancy about the 207CC 120 model with its convertible top not offering much of an edgy look. It seems as if you took a standard car that you daily take to your office […]