Peugeot 207cc 120 – The Ladies Favorite

At first this Peugeot seems to be a ladies car by not offering a fair aggressive look. There is a sense of fancy about the 207CC 120 model with its convertible top not offering much of an edgy look. It seems as if you took a standard car that you daily take to your office and made it into a convertible.

Peugeot 207 CC

But the company has had it says and say that 88 percent of the purchases that have been made of this model have mainly been done by women. Its 120 horse powered engine offers a smooth pick-up unlike any other car in this series. The 1.4 liter valvetronic engine is smooth and easy going for this kind of car. After all it is a super mini that has been designed to be favorable with the ladies. But its convenience in taking the car for a ride to the office or a picnic in the countryside, which brings about the gentleness of the mini overall and enables one to enjoy time with the family.

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