How to Drive in the UK?

The context completely curtails the minute yet important details that should be followed, while you are driving in a place within UK. Most of the rules that are mentioned would help you to drive safely and prevent violation of any particular driving law in the territory causing you to face trouble.

In the days of advanced transport, it really becomes necessary at times to know how to drive your way down the streets in the proper manner. Just steering the wheel does not effectively mean that you have learned to swerve around the road. Neither does proper shifting of gears give you proper credit of driving a car. While, driving it is highly essential that you notice the signals, restrictions and different regulations and at the same time abide by the rules, which are native to the region. This is the same throughout the world, be it US or UK. Everybody must maintain the law that controls traffic in a particular region.

Keep Left

When individuals drive in the UK, they always follow the left lane, as according to rule the cars are all left-driven, and if required are overtaken by the other cars, from the right. These are certain restrictions that must be followed at all times and if the individuals come across any round about turns, then they should give preference to the car that is coming from the right. At certain points, you would be able to notice broken lines shown, which means that you must stop and wait to see, if any other vehicles on the road is willing to pass.

Most of these rules and regulations are clearly mentioned in the Highway Code, published in book by most of the motorist organizations and are easily available at the bookstores. As far as the motor cyclists and their co passengers are concerned, it is mandatory for them to be wearing helmets at all times of driving. The same thing goes for the drivers of vehicles and their co passengers, with the slight difference that they would have to wear their seat belts at all times. These are some of the basic guidelines, but should be followed very carefully, or else the chance of severe accidents is very high.

You should not face any problem regarding the fuel supply at a place like UK because they are available at frequent intervals of one another. The ones on the motorways are at difference of around 50 miles, but they remain open 24 hours of the day, to make up for the frequency inconvenience. Until any of the streets provide you with a lower limit by the sign boards, the standard limit of driving on the single carriage way would be 96 km/hr (60 MPH). This remains for the dual carriage way also, where the speed limit is increased to 70 MPH (112 km/hr), whereas that in town is about 30 MPH (48 km/hr).

However, these cases also you have exceptions, which allow cars to run at 40 MPH (64 km/hr) in some of the freeways of certain towns. Moreover, the parking scheme in UK is like pay for park and is the same throughout; individuals would be advised not to park in the places, which are marked with double-yellow lines. Most of these rules may seem just warnings, but if they are violated then the penalty for the same is very high.

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