Storing Your Car for the Long Term

If you own a car and either live in the city where there are no indoor parking spots available or you require a garage in order to work on your vehicle from time to time, storage problems can become an issue.  For many car tuners, having quality space to work quietly on their vehicles without the many distractions abound is important and while there are many ways to find long term storage space, some options are better than others.

girl standing in front of her garage

Rent Storage Space at Public Storage
If you live in the suburbs or in town, one option that is quite popular with car tuners to store their vehicles for the long term is public storage from a company such as Auto Vault to keep your car safe.  Public storage places usually have unheated garages to store vehicles, boxes, large appliances and more.  And while these garages or storage areas are not temperature controlled, they do offer a convenient and many times an affordable way to store your vehicle for the long term.  Some garages can cost as little as $50 a month.  Unfortunately, public storage can be quite expensive depending on the area you live in.  For instance, a public storage garage in New York City can cost several hundred dollars a month for quality storage.

Rent a Garage
For many home owners, a garage is not an important necessity and they are more opt to earn a small income from renting it out to others.  For many car tuning enthusiasts, renting a garage at someone‚Äôs home offers convenience and plenty of security.  And while it might be a little more expensive than public storage, you also get more space and usually the use of utilities such as electricity and water when you need it.  So if you are looking for great storage ideas, check the above tips out.

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