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If you drive in your vehicle, probably commuting many hours to work per week, you are probably looking for ideas to make your trip much more comfortable, less boring and go quicker.  One of the entertainment options that are available to practically anyone living in the US is satellite radio.  While satellite radio is a fee based way to listen to radio, which is obviously more costly than free terrestrial radio, it offer many drivers a very valuable product that is well worth the small set up and monthly fees. Here are some tips on how to get started with satellite radio.

Satellite Radio

First off, there were originally two separate companies that were broadcasting satellite radio signals. However, they have recently merged and are now known as SiriusXM.  It should be noted that while the two companies have merged, the equipment is still not combined, so depending on what type of satellite radio you buy, determines whether you pick up either Sirius’ signal or XM’s signal.

Many newer vehicles produced in the last two or three years may have already satellite radio capability.  Check your owner’s manual.  If not, you will need to purchase a satellite radio that is installed in your dash or a small portable unit that hooks into your existing radio.  Monthly fees for the service now run from about $10 to $20 depending on the amount of stations you get.  There are sports, talk, news and plenty of music.

What makes satellite radio usually very popular with those that live in rural regions, commuters and with those that travel cross country is that you never have to go searching for new stations, the radio stations stay the same and reception is usually CD quality and crystal clear throughout your journey.  If you are looking for one of the best entertainment options in your car- satellite radio is definitely worth the look.

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