Making Car Balloons

There was a time when car balloons were reserved specifically for wedding farewells. These days, you won’t have to be driving past a nuptial ceremony to catch a glimpse of these fun automotive add-ons. Making car balloons has become so easy that many people think the once harmless items might be falling into the wrong hands. Though they aren’t being used as weapons of mass destruction, car balloons are becoming a popular item for juvenile delinquents just looking to have some fun.

Making car balloons is a pretty simple process. To start with, one just has to go out and find the perfect balloons for what he’s trying to accomplish. If mischief is your goal, then there are a number of car balloons that will suit you. Certain car balloons have become very popular for this purpose, including ones that are shaped like missiles. Once the right balloons are acquired, making car balloons is easy. Blow the balloon full of helium, so that it will stand straight up in the air when attached to a car. From there, one must tie a sturdy string to the car balloon and attach the end to the car in question. That’s really all there is to it. Now you’re ready to have some and make some folks real nervous.

The aforementioned missile shaped car balloons are popular because they make it look like there are missiles following your car as it goes down the road. If folks don’t happen to see the string that is attached from the balloon to the car, they might just fall hard for this trick. Similar ideas have also been popular in the past, including UFO shaped car balloons. Imagine the look on a person’s face as you fly past them with a mysterious flying object following your automobile closely. If you pick the right car balloons, having a blast with them is very easy.

There are certain risks associated with car balloons, though. Since they cause distractions for other drivers on the road, they can be the primary cause of a major accident. In this circumstance, police officers wouldn’t take too kindly to your prank. In addition, there is always the risk that the car balloons could pop or the string could break. This would leave the balloons floating in the air and no one knows when or where they might come down.

If you weigh the risks associated with car balloons against the certain fun that they provide, it’s easy to see why folks have become so infatuated with them. This fad is just starting to become popular as people realize that car balloons aren’t just wedding decoration anymore. They provide not only an avenue for fun, but a way for young folks to test the law and slip past trouble.

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