Lexus IS F

While Lexus has made quite a name for itself building high quality luxury vehicles that usually offer nice styling and decent performance, the Lexus IS F is definitely not your typical Lexus.  In fact, this vehicle while offering plenty of power, aggressive styling and a hard ride is more of a beast than the usual luxury cream puff Lexus creates.  The Lexus IS F offers top performance which means incredible acceleration and very tight handling.  While most Lexus enthusiasts might be interested in this vehicle, it should be noted that the IS F is not the typical Lexus and it might be too much car for most Lexus buyers.

Lexus IS F

Lots of Power and Performance

What’s under the hood?  How about a huge 5.0 liter V8 that creates an incredible 417 horsepower and over 371 lb ft of torque.  Pretty much this vehicle is a rocket and it will accelerate like one as well.  0 to 60 is mighty quick coming in at 4.8 seconds (we are in exotic sports car territory now) and a 13.2 second ¼ mile make this vehicle scream with performance.  Matched with this very powerful engine is an 8 speed automatic transmission.  It should be noted that a manual transmission is unavailable, however Lexus has stated that this transmission is able to up shift faster than even the best automatic-clutch shifts.  Regarding the suspension, those that like a nice supple ride will be severely disappointed.  This vehicle is easily the most rigid Lexus ever created and has an incredibly stiff ride.  While car tuning enthusiasts might like that, those that will use it for commuting might not find it practical.

Plenty of Features
With the Lexus IS F you will find plenty of features that are found in many luxury vehicles and more including stability control, pre-collison radar to monitor against a frontal collision, plenty of airbags and more.  While the cabin is extremely comfortable, the rear seat is cramped.  Finally, regarding cost, for the money, this vehicle is a decent buy.  The Lexus IS F starts at about $56K with decent features.

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