Honda Civic Tuning

Honda Civic is one of the most amazing ranges of Honda Models that have earned many laurels and admires. From the legendary 1990’s trend setters to the classy and elegant Civic models of the 21st century, Honda has proved its mettle in every class of Automobile industry.

Let us have a look at some master works and some latest tuning trends on the block.

Starting with the famous 1993 Honda Civic Si – Street Level, you’ll see that it has rocked the records everywhere when it comes to performance. Danny Violante has set a benchmark by re-defining the Street racing with this marvellous piece. It’s good to see everyday cars turning into competitive performers at such an astounding rate. It is simply tuning your vehicle and letting the beast within it unleash its awesome street power.

Honda Civic Si Tuning

This long forgotten model was re-incarnated into one of the finest tuned cars on the road. A B16A engine built for 650 bhp throughput and an output of more than 370 lb-ft of torque is a sensational combo of power and senses. Rejuvenation of the old belt and hoses with modern touches of alloys and heavy Honda carbon rims is the best justice you could do to its looks. A level 4 suspension will give it the much needed performance wings.

Another model from the same past record is the 1993 Honda Civic DX. From Vlade Divac to Kobe Bryant, this little master was everyone’s prismatic Pog Slammer. From diamond neons to thrusting NOS Engines, Carbon belts to metallic steel body, a total makeover would make it one of the finest blend vehicles on the road.

The modern day tuning techniques are superior and are the best for latest Civic models. There are three different ways of tuning with some advantages and disadvantages that accompany each.

The first method goes with the biggest upfront investment. Of course the biggest investment gives the best performance. Simply purchase your own Honda Civic turbo kit geared with headers and intercoolers and go for a great performance exhaust and a high-flow catalytic converter. Ignition components such as spark plugs, ignition coil, rotor and induction coil should be the latest ones on the block. A final touch would be the immensely popular Nitrous system. It can even work without the turbo kit and give you the much needed horsepower you need.

The second method is economically viable and hence more popular among masses. A good cold air intake could bolster the performance many a folds. A performance and requirements tuned exhaust kit would be another good option. Small upgrades of catalytic converters and induction parts would be enough to prepare your beast for Pro-Street stuff.

The last option goes with some future planning. Simply gather parts like exhaust systems, necessary induction upgrades and a high-flow catalytic converter. You should make space for your turbo kit that would be added in future but the present upgrades are good enough for a good show-down.

Civic has been one of the most exclusive babies of Honda and performance upgrades like these are surely going to make it a top contender for a Tuned champ.

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