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Honda has been a dream brand for many individuals across the globe. Needless to say, it is the 6th largest car maker in the world and the largest producer of engines. Honda’s line of extremely luxurious cars is branded Acura in North America, Hondura in Honduras and simply Honda in South-East Asia.

From amazing F1 models to Hybrid Electric cars, Hydrogen powered fuel cell cars to the new range of Green cars. Honda has amazed everyone with its 1% increase in sales due to heavy inflation while its competitors have lost the battle ground badly.

Honda lovers always love to see the old war horses coming into the battlefield of tuning. Even the pimp of pimps, Snoop Dogg knows the right place for his Honda enthusiast heart. Let us inspire ourselves by some of the best Honda tuning works of all times.

The legendary 2001 Acura Integra GS-R – Street Level is a Honda bomb on the road.

Honda Civic Si Tuning

A complete JDM ITR front end backed up by an ITR rear completes the perfect seduction kit. A VIS carbon-fibre lip simply adds to the ecstasy. Carbon-fibre parts can make a great difference in the overall looks of your Honda. An SRS module cover and a Castrol speed oil change with a blend of Volk CE28N wheel rims can make your 2001 Acura one of the hottest possessions on the road.

1993 Honda Civic Si – Street Level is a modern day hotrod and an intense desire for many. This long forgotten model can incarnate itself into one of the finest tuned cars on the road. A B16A engine built for 650 whp and an output of more than 370 lb-ft of torque is a sensational combo of power and senses. A whip to the old belt and hoses with modern touches and alloying it with heavy Honda carbon rims is the best justice you could do with its looks. A level 4 suspension could give you the wings it needs to show its style.

Another legend out of the tuning kitty is 1991 Honda CRX JDM. This giant still needs the USDM chassis of the ’90s. A Mugen sports theme can be really inspiring for your dream machine. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a JDM front end and black Zenon side skirts can turn this big boy into a real beast on the road. Simply cut the JDM fenders, add some cool flares to the trimmed arches and replace the bulky mirrors with carbon-fibre vision type DC mirrors for the final finishing touches. Spoon callipers are added assets for your machine.

The last and the latest bomb shell is the 2009 Acura TSX. A real add-on to the ’08 model, its 2.4L K-series engine, 4,000 rpm, the astounding compression ratio of 11:1, 172 lb-ft torque, shortened transmission gears and a cool Civic Si shift knob can make this new kid on the block into a giant street fighter.

Honda has a never ending chain of amazing, jaw-dropping models. You simply have to pick your girl and make it into a man. So, go on and tune your love into a beast on the road.

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