Five Best Cars For Teenagers

Many people buy a variety of automobiles for a number of different reasons. Year round vacationers may be in need of a roomy vehicle, regular commuters may place their highest priorities on gas mileage, and a retired couple may seek first and foremost to acquire a car that will last for a number of years. When it is time to outfit a teenager with a car, there are a whole list of things to keep in mind. It isn’t the highest priority, but teenagers are usually going to be more satisfied with a sportier looking vehicle instead of a car that looks like something that could be a family vehicle. One of the biggest things to be considered when looking at providing a teenager with a vehicle is the safety level that the car possesses. Balancing an important issue like safety with a more superficial issue like the looks of the car is a delicate act when it comes to advising a teenager on the purchase of a car.

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Here is a look at the five best cars for teenagers:

  1. Ford Focus – One of the most affordable economy cars on the road today is the Ford Focus. It is not only economical to purchase, but it is also economical to drive and to have maintenance performed on. The popular SYNC system that can be included with the Ford Focus is one of the bigger draws to the cars for young people as it makes it possible to have many of the drivers’ electronic gadgets integrated with the vehicle including iPods and cell phones. Both the two door and the four door models are popular with young drivers and others alike, but the Focus has a solid enough grasp on the modern sporty look that teenagers choose it regularly as their new car of choice.
  2. Honda Fit – Safety was a big concern with the designers who came up with the Honda Fit and it certainly paid off well. From the vehicle’s anti-lock brake system to the six air bags installed inside, there are few more secure feelings than driving the Honda Fit down the road. There are a number of top of the line options that can be added to the Honda Fit as well including a built in navigational system, electronic stability control, and much more. The car has a distinctive look that makes it popular with young people, and it is built strong enough so that it will survive a serious traffic accident in relatively good shape.
  3. Pontiac Vibe – While the Pontiac Vibe has been made and marketed for people from all age brackets, it has a great appeal towards younger drivers. Like most newer economy cars, the Vibe has very good ratings in terms of vehicle safety and also is extremely affordable to drive and have maintenance performed on. For added safety considerations, the Vibe can be specially equipped with all wheel drive, this helps not only in adverse weather conditions but also in vehicle responsiveness during frenzied driving conditions. The modern looks of the vehicle are very appealing and add to the desirousness of it by young drivers. For economy cars, especially ones that appeal to young people, the Pontiac Vibe also comes with a surprising amount of interior room for both cargo and passengers.
  4. Saturn Astra – One of the new vehicles on the market that has a great combination of sporty looks and economical operation is the Saturn Astra. The vehicle has high safety ratings and is made to be able to operate with enough responsiveness to be as fully functional on the nation’s freeways as any other car on the market. A nice hidden bonus that the Saturn Astra has is that although it is sporty looking, the vehicle doesn’t come with enough power to become involved in street racing or any other aggressive driving type of activity.
  5. Toyota Corolla – The Toyota Corolla can be a beneficial car to a young driver for a number of reasons. The Corolla is one of the most popular cars in the world for a number of reasons. The car is one of the safest on the road with six airbags and plenty of other precautions. The car has more of a physical presence on the road than any of the micro economy cars on the market right now, but is still a very affordable vehicle to drive. The added bonus that a Toyota Corolla can bring to the life of a teenager is that it has the air of professionalism to it and is a little more mature of a vehicle than most young people drive. This could help prepare them for college and the real world as well by making them think in a little more of a mature manner, as well as help present themselves as having a more responsible outlook on life.

While it is important to keep in mind the wants and desires of the teenager involved in the purchase of the vehicle, it is also the parent or guardian’s responsibility to be concerned with factors that the teenager may not see as important in their mind. Safety is just such an issue. Teenaged drivers have less driving experience than their adult counterparts, and on average also get into more traffic accidents too. For this reason, the safety ratings of any car being considered for purchase either by or for a teenager need to be focused on as one of the overall most important aspects of the car as a whole. There are many cars on the market today that are economical to drive, attractive and up to date looking, and of course safe too. Anyone advising a teen on what car to purchase should include recommendations for the five cars mentioned above as well as any other vehicle that rates high for gas mileage and safety that they can find. Helping teenagers protect themselves by steering them to a safer vehicle to purchase is a great way to make a positive impact on their life.

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