Toyota Corolla Tuning

The Toyota Corolla is a classic. Having sold more units than most cars, the Toyota Corolla can comfortably be called one of the most reliable, efficient and economical cars in the market. Reliable, because it has been in production for so long a time; efficient, because it runs normally enough without need for tuning; and economical, because it can be bought for a relatively cheap retail price. However, tuning your Toyota Corolla is something you may want to do, for a change of performance and look. Though not totally necessary, your Toyota Corolla may run at a more efficient pace if you properly put it through Toyota Corolla Tuning.

Usually, 1.3 and 16l engines are what you will usually see in Toyota Corollas. Unfortunately, 1.3 engines have no opportunity for engine upgrades, being in the Toyota Corollas earlier produced by Toyota. 1.6l engines, on the other hand, can be upgraded with a 6 speed gear box. This will increase your engine speed and efficiency to as much as 30%. You have to make sure, though, that it is upgraded by a person with technical expertise in the car tuning.

Toyota Corolla Tuning

Another thing you may want to do to make your Corolla more efficient is to replace its tires. Don’t worry; the industrial tires are nice and good. After some time, though, its tire performance may wear out. The moment it does is the moment you ought to buy customized tires, easily bought in most car shops. The brakes of the Toyota Corolla are also okay as it is. But adding sport brake pads may be a good addition to further your brake performance.

As with ECU re-mapping, you must be only very sure as to whether or not you want to do this. This isn’t always the best option, but if you want to see an overwhelming BHP boost in your Corolla, then go ahead.

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