ECU Chips: Add Performance Instantly

For those that are into car tuning and looking for one of the simplest and most affordable ways to add decent performance for your vehicle, one item is the ECU chip.  The ECU is the engine control unit, it is a small computer for your car.  It controls the engine of your vehicle and as cars have become more and more advanced; the ECU also has become more and more advanced.  ECU chips are an easy way to add performance, by swapping data from the factory settings to a new set of code that is written to optimize your vehicles engine not necessarily for fuel efficiency, but for more horsepower and performance.

ECU Chips

Do ECU Chips Work?
Yes, they absolutely work, however, it should be noted that you shouldn’t expect the maximum results from your chip.  ECU chips generally target areas of your engine- ignition timing and fuel delivery.  While it can definitely make changes to the air and fuel ratio that can increase horsepower, it can also make your vehicle run less efficient, less clean and in some cases increase the risk of damaging your engine over the long term.

Many ECU chip dealers- usually state that your vehicle can seen increases in performance from 1% to about 10%.  This is pretty good for chips that can cost less than $100.  It should also be noted that there are pretty much ECU chips for all major vehicles sold today.

Installing your ECU Chip
Generally speaking, installing your ECU chip can take a few minutes to a couple of hours at most for those that find their ECU very difficult to reach. Usually a simple swap is all that is necessary.  And while installing an ECU chip is easy, most car tuning experts agree that if you are thinking about adding a chip, do it after you have upgraded your engine- you will usually see more gains than just a standard ECU chip in a stock vehicle.

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  1. claudio says:

    can my rover coupe 220, 1996 be fitted with a ecu chip or be remapped

  2. yabath says:

    i friend i like you can posty about the sites that sell all the diferent ways of modify or improve my car efficient

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