Eagle was founded in 1988 and went out of business ten years later; however doing its time it was a very innovative car. The sports car made, called the Talon, was quite popular for this smaller car brand, and it found a great market in sports car enthusiast drivers along with their Talon Coupe being also popular – how else would it have sold more than 120,000? AMC Eagle was the father of the Eagle, and when AMC was bought, Chrysler decided to give Eagle its own brand. Most of the eagle vehicles were rebadged vehicles that had been actually made by Mitsubishi or by Chrysler – however the Eagle Premier and Medallion were unique and designed by Renault. In addition to this the Talon was also produced (as previously mentioned) and was the most popular of the Eagle branded vehicles. Unfortunately Eagle suffered from poor name and car popularity, and few knew of Eagle itself. In addition to that the car sellers and car lots were eager to pimp out jeep more than Eagle, since Jeep had more name brand recognition and received support from Chrysler.

Eagle Premier - Eagle Cars

When the decision to throw the ax was made, Chrysler decided to kill the brand off slowly with 96 being the first year that they started to discontinue auto lines, starting with Mitsubishi rebadges, and then the Eagle Vision, following after that was the Eagle Talon – and when that was discontinued so was the Eagle brand and makes. They had had plans for a redesigned vision at one point to come out in 99, however those plans fell through and vision prototypes were scrapped. Instead the car became the 300M Chrysler. Thus far there have been no plans to sell the brand or liquidate the trademark and all of its patents. It lies dormant and probably to never be used again seeing how efficiently they removed all traces of the Eagle from their lines.

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