Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

If you are car tuning enthusiast, you probably feel lots of pride about your car.  Unfortunately, even if the exterior of your vehicle looks great, if the inside of your vehicle has garbage from last night’s fast food meal or is just dirty, grimy and smelly, no one will want to drive with you and yes, you might not even impress than cute girl you were hoping to take out.

So what should one do?

Clean your interior, here are some tips.

Basic Cleaning Products Work Great
You don’t need anything fancy to clean your car’s interior.  In fact, there are only a few items that you should have on hand.  They include, window cleaner, a leather and vinyl cleaner, carpet cleaner, all purpose cleaner and some good paper towels, cloths and a brush.

If you have a leather interior, your cleaning will probably be very quick and easy.  Leather and vinyl is generally the easiest to clean since you won’t have to shampoo the cloth.  However, if you are cleaning the leather upholstery, don’t put too much leather cleaner on, you don’t want to slide around your vehicle and get greasy residue on your clothing.  For cloth interiors, most will stay clean with little maintenance- specifically a good vacuuming.  However, for large, noticeable stains, try an interior shampoo product.  These products are sometimes cumbersome, but usually remove the stain and help your car to smell nice.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Windows and Dash
A nice, clear, sparkling dash and windows can be just the thing you need to give your car some more oomph.  Classic glass cleaners work great. And once your dash and windows are clean, it is time to add the finishing touch- a nice scent.  You don’t have to smell pine trees, instead hook your car up with a more sophisticated fragrance.

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