Choosing the Right Racing Seat for Your Car

One of the items that can add style and authenticity to your tuned up vehicle is the racing seat.  While stock car seats that come with vehicles have improved over the years, there is nothing like driving in your tuned-up car sitting in a high performance racing seat.  Not only does a performance racing seat offer extra safety and security, but definitely adds to a vehicle’s sporty image.  Here are just a few tips on choosing the right racing seat.

Racing Car Seats

What to Look for in a Racing Seat
There are a wide variety of racing seats available on the market today, whether it is for a Nissan, Honda, Acura or American brand vehicle, you will find that most high performance racing seats come equipped with sliders that can bolt on to any stock seat bracket.  The most important tip one can give on choosing the right seat is comfort.  It doesn’t matter if the seat is $200 or $2,000, if you’re not comfortable in it, it can have an effect on your driving ability and ultimately your safety.

Many of today’s high performance racing seats are light weight, include some type of memory foam, lumbar support and a side support.  Since every driver’s body is different make sure the lumbar and other supports of the seat do not distract from driving the vehicle.  Many seats offer the ability to change the hardness of the lumbar, which can be perfect for those that use their vehicles not only for sport driving on the weekends, but also as their primary transportation

Materials Matter
Besides the feel of the seat, make sure that the exterior materials and the frame of the seat are high quality, there are a wide variety of materials used in seats today, however make sure that the exterior is not a sweat magnet and that the seat frame is sturdy, yet flexible enough for high performance needs.  One last item to consider is reclining action.  Choose a seat that can recline to meet your physical needs and practical needs (such as a flip forward design for rear seat passengers).

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