Car Tuning Tips

For those car enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their vehicle’s performance, it is very important to keep your car tuned properly.  Tuning your car is usually an affordable and easy way to get some extra horsepower and keep your vehicle maintained so that when you need lots of power, you have it.  Here are some tips on keeping your car tuned.

First off, it is quite easy to tune your car.  If you are not a handy person, not to worry for a small amount of money, you can have your vehicle serviced by a mechanic.  The good news is that newer cars are usually quite capable at keeping correct setting for long period of times.  This means that many newer cars do not require tune up yearly like older cars do.  In fact, many cars only require tune ups every 100K miles or every two years.

Old Car Tuning

Tuning Up an Old Car
If you own an older car that requires a yearly tune up- you can find out the exact service interval in your owner’s manual and you can easily complete this task by bringing it in to the service station or doing it yourself.  Usually you will want to install new spark plugs- don’t forget to gap them properly before installing them.  Also another good tip is to also install new spark plug wires, breather element and new belts.  Belts which are made from tough rubber can become cracked and easily wear down.  By adding new belts your car’s electronics, AC and other components should work much better.  Regarding timing, most cars have a timing chain.  While you will need a light gun to make sure the timing is correct, this accessory is usually relatively affordable.  Other ways to tune up your car is to check your hoses and replace any hoses that are cracked or chipped and also to make sure your battery is full and strong.

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