Car Tuning and Oil Changes

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably are constantly trying to figure out the best way to provide performance while keeping your engine well maintained.  While many car tuning enthusiasts vehicles are driven hard to get maximum performance from them, a stronger emphasis on maintenance and specifically on caring for the engine is required.  While we all know that it is necessary to change the oil, here are some tips to improve performance and ensure the reliability of your vehicle’s engine.

Man changing his car oil

What Kind of Driving Do You Do?
The frequency in which to change the oil of your vehicle really depends on the driving that you do.  How many miles per month do you drive your vehicle?  Which type of climate do you drive your vehicle in?  Are you easy or hard on your car, etc?  All of these play a big factor in maintenance when it comes to oil changes.

Consult Your Car’s Manual First
Hundreds of millions of dollars go into designing, building and bringing a vehicle to market so you can be sure that there has been research done on what type of maintenance is necessary for your vehicle.  This information is conveniently found in your owner’s manual.  While the info is in black and white, it really is a general guideline based on a normal driver.  Let’s face it, you won’t do more harm to your vehicle if you average one or two more oil changes per year than your car’s manual recommends, however keep in mind, that for normal drivers you need not follow a pushy oil salesman’s recommendation to change the oil every 3K miles or 3 months.  Many cars now suggest a higher mileage such as 4K to 5K miles and different intervals of time.

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